How To Protect You And Your Family's Health From Mold Spores And Avoid Spending A Fortune On Mold Removal

I've got bad and good news for you.

Let's start with the bad news first.

That is... Toxic mold could be sickening your family RIGHT NOW!

AND Can Cause Your Home To Lose Up To 50% Of It's Value...

I know, it sounds a bit exaggerated but NOT when it comes on to mold.

You see...

Mold works very secretively and if not caught early, it can cost you your health and a fortune to fix.

But the good news is...

With the RIGHT blueprint, you can make your home mold-free without spending hundreds...

Or possibly thousands of dollars on some "mold remediation" company.
But first, let me introduce myself...

My name is Nick Nembhard, a certified Environmental Health & Safety professional for over 10 years.

I have led 100's of successful mold investigations and remediation projects...

I've also seen the negative impact mold has on human health and property.

This is what happened to my friend Robert in Florida.

The $14,580.26 Mold Infestation That Robert Could EASILY FIX Himself...

If He Had Caught It Earlier…

The mold problem was discovered during a visit to his home.

We were about to prepare some food but when I opened his kitchen cabinet to get some dishes I smelled a musty odor.

As a mold removal professional, I knew this wasn't a good sign.

The scent was a huge red flag!

I asked if he had any odor issues and he mentioned that they have been smelling an odor in the kitchen for a of couple months.

He pointed out that the smell was mainly in the kitchen area.

He explained that he developed a persistent cough that only flared up when he was home.

And that he never really paid much attention to it.

The mold infestation had revived a previous respiratory problem he had years ago.

I advised him that we MUST check for a possible mold problem…

Because the musty smell is usually an indicator of a mold infestation.

After inspecting the area I noticed that the back of the cabinet was wet.

I knew that was a sign that things could be serious.

So, I checked further and guess what I found?

You guessed it right!

Inside The Cabinet, A Mold Growth Was Spreading In

Every Direction Like A Virus…

We had to remove one of the back panels.

But it kept getting worse…

Until we noticed a LARGER mold growth...

It was confirmed.

Robert had a mold infestation problem brewing right under his nose...

Which unfortunately, caused his past respiratory issue to act-up and worsen…

I advised Robert on how to get the mold infestation contained right away to prevent further growth.

At this stage, it was very serious!

So, I recommended that he reach out to his insurance company IMMEDIATELY to have them assess and setup mold remediation.

He notified them, they came out and assessed the problem.

At that level of mold infestation, they said the problem was so severe it needed to be resolved urgently!

We got a mold remediation contractor to do the evaluation… The quote given was $9,580.26!

At this point, Robert knew he had no choice but to spend that money.

But That’s Not All…

  • Several kitchen cabinets were removed and replaced.
  • 40 square feet of drywall removed and replaced.
  • Concrete wall and floor had to be sanitized and treated.

All of which costed $5,000!

In Total, Robert Ended Up Spending $14,580.26
To Fix A Mold Problem That Could Have Been EASILY Prevented…

At that moment I decided that something needed to be done...

I had a responsibility to help as many people as I could, who want to protect themselves and loved-ones against the deadly and costly effects of mold!

Look, if you suspect that you have mold in your home, you need to get rid of it FAST!

From my 10+ years of leading mold removal projects, these are the 5 critical signs that indicates a mold issue:

Foul, musty odors inside your house or basement.

• Hay-fever like symptoms that lessen when you're away from home.

• Stained or discolored walls with a furry-like growth.

• Recent floods or plumbing leaks.

• Other moisture problems like wet spots or condensation on windows.

If you are experiencing any of these, you have a mold problem. And, if not treated…

You will have to deal with:

  • Sky-high mold remediation costs.
  • Damage to personal items and furniture.
  • Structural damage (This can burn a hole in your pocket).
  • And most of all, the negative impact to you and your family’s health!

That’s why spent I months written the most comprehensive mold removal and prevention book for homeowners.

The Ultimate Homeowner's Mold Removal Guide

With This Mold Guide:

  • You'll be able to MOLD-PROOF your home, protecting you and your family’s health.
  • You'll learn the correct and ONLY way to inspect for mold on walls, ceilings, and in other areas of your home.
  • You'll learn a "secret hack" to properly dry out water-damaged building materials within 24 - 48 hours.
  • You'll discover the sneaky ways mold can enter your body that causes health issues.
  • Also the learn the 5 most important steps to protect your family from exposure to harmful molds.
  • And a lot more valuable content!

"The Mold Guide Every American Home Owner Must Have"

I wrote this comprehensive guide from my years of experience of:

• Mold remediation
• Inspections
• Testing
• Professional training and experience!

Using the latest industry best practices to eliminate and prevent mold growth.

I share exactly what works for mold removal & prevention, including detailed, highly specific breakdowns and pictures of each process.

There will be no doubt in your mind about what you need to do!

Here’s What User's Are Saying:

C. Sasso, Realtor Better Homes & Gardens, Destin FL
"This guide has been a lifesaver!! The simple ‘how-to’ sheet is my favorite. Once you know what’s actually causing the mold, you’ll know how to prevent it from ever coming back. Thank you!!!"

L. Finch, Residential Property Manager
Winn Companies Ft Campbell, KY

"Great guide, easy and interesting read! The guide breaks down and simplify what can be a seemingly arduous process of the proper methods of cleaning mold.

As a property manager I can truly say that this guide will help me easily navigate through customer questions and concerns with ease, especially when it comes to remediation and or through assessment of simple and proper clean up. "

F. Farquaharson, Electrician, Hollywood FL

"Sometimes we come across issues with mold when remodeling a client’s home. When this happens, I usually go to this guide because it provides step by step instructions on how to really get rid of mold growth.

PLUS, it puts our client's mind at ease to know we have a process to remove the mold and stop it from coming back. I would recommend this guide to renovation contractors and those who perform handyman services."

T.W. Hoistad, NC

"As a homeowner, this book is a true asset. The step by step easy to follow guidelines as well as the videos helped me identify the mold issue in my home and the appropriate course of action. This is a must have for any homeowner!"

How Much Is The Safety Of Your Family's Health

Worth To You?

I'm sure you love and care for your family, most of us do!

Plus, as a homeowner, you want to make sure the value of your home isn't destroyed by something you could EASILY prevent.

As a mold expert, who spent years in the field and have trained 100's of mold experts, I know that this mold removal guide is the only one you'll ever need.

The Mold book is THE most comprehensive home DIY mold removal & prevention system that can be easily sold at a retail price of $149.

But, while I do think $149 is a complete bargain…

I also know just how badly mold can wreck family’s health and their savings.

And I want to get this guide to as many people as possible!

That's why, for a limited time only... I'm going to cut the investment price for The Ultimate Mold Removal Guide by more than 75%!

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It's a mold removal and prevention guide that is designed for homeowners, real estate investors and even commercial property owners.

It’s for anyone wants to make sure that their home is mold-free and protect the value of their home.

Even if you live in an apartment you don’t own, this guide is an investment to protect your health from the deadly effects of mold.

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Start Mold-Proofing Your Home, Preserve It's Resale Value And Avoid Spending A Fortune On Something You NOW Have The Power To Prevent...

$37 + Shipping & Handling

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